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Benefits of the system

xübo’s technology is composed of two resources


Like any other access control system, the brain behind the process is a controller that manages different access control mechanisms such as electromagnetic locks, boom bars, smart locks, gate barriers, electric strike locks, etc.

However our brain is multilingual or technology agnostic, besides being able to control multiple access control mechanisms it is also able to receive input from different identity verification mechanisms like RFID cards, vehicle windshield RFID tags (also known as AVI), fingerprint scanners and more. XÜBO’s controller is also capable of communicating with existing controllers.  This means that in places with existing access control infrastructure, there is no need to replace it. XÜBO™  can connect directly to it and use the same identity verification mechanisms, wires, and access point locking mechanism.

Management Tool

This is where XÜBO™ revolutionizes the process as we know it. Our system runs on an online management  Tool that can be accessed from any smartphone or computer with an internet connection. This allows the administrator, residents, tenants or visitors to take advantage of an innovative virtual key management system from any place, at any time.  It also allows the residents o tenants to pre-authorize the access of visitors and service personnel without losing track of their identification information. 

All these features improve security since XÜBO™ keeps track in real time of who validates the privileges of each user and  the specific time when a specific user went through an access point using XÜBO™.

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